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How To get Quality Leads and An Online Customer Base (Without Spending A Lot Of Advertising $$$$!)

This Free Video Answers the question "How do I gain customers online without spending a lot of money" once and for all. 
Find out how easy it is for a Business or Salesperson just like you to get the results you want with unlimited customers.

  • The shortcut you need to Understand the Data on ads performance faster than ever.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to build your brand online to make more money and time freedom.
  • Learn the secret to online selling.

"We Only Spent $5,000 on Ads which Earned Over $350,000 income in 1 Year!"

Richard Addo-Kessie

Founder, Create Wealth Network Inc.

How Can We Help You?

Option 1:

Sign Up for the Science of an Online Business Course

Learn the best, most effective ways to advertise online so you can grow your business and build a brand that lasts. We will teach you all about marketing on different sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, and more with our YPP Method - A simple process for earning lifetime customers!

The course was put together to help you grow your business and brand by learning about the world of online advertising. Learn how it can be used for lead generation, and sales that work in today's market place as well as a step-by-step guide on building lifetime customers:

  • How to get Paid Online: Learn how to get set up so that you can start recieving payments for your business online. 
  • How to run ads on social media: Learn the best practices for running ads on social media in order to make your marketing campaigns successful and profitable.
  • ​Find out the #1 objective of online marketing: You can increase your business' visibility and attract new customers with these proven techniques.
  • Virtual Assistant Services Enhance your Online Presence by having access to our VA Team, available to do Build Funnels, create designs, and other online content to free your time and grow your busienss. iscover the secrets to achieving success in life!
  • ​14 modules - With 14 modules of valuable information, this course has everything you need to get started on the right foot.
  • ​CWN Affiliate: Included in the course as a bonus you are automatically registered as Create Wealth Network Affiliate, allowing you to earn money from along with the tools to your success, This can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Option 2:

Hire Us to Start an Ad Marketing Campaign for you

Some people do not want to go through the hours of studying to get the information shared in SOOB course, that may be you? instead, you would rather hire someone to get it done for you, you want the results, but don't want to spend the time learning the details of it. 

We are here at your service; after you complete our Create Wealth Ads Questionnaire, you can set it and forget it, as we will use the details that you provide us with, to develop a sales/marketing campaign for you, and provide a report to you along with quality leads to your business that meets your criteria and is likely to buy. This way you only have to concentrate on closing sales:

  • Tell us more about your Business: Once you sign up for your ad campaign, you will immediately recieve a questionnaire to give us a better idea of your business and what products/service you are selling. This lets us specify the key components of your ad that we will strategically market. 
  • ​Testing Phase: To start your campaign we have to go data shopping. dependent on your Ad Spend budget, we must test multiple ads to collect data. all while still getting you leads to buy; we will start with testing different values and eliminating the underperformers, this phase is to ensure that most of your ad spending dollars will go towards reaching the right people that will buy from you.  
  • ​Instant Leads for you to Convert: Once Our Ad campaigns begins, we will be getting and forwarding you quality leads for you to sell to.
  • ​Receive a Final Report: once your ad campaign is completed, you will recieve a Report of what worked best, in the report you will find details such as best Age, interest, location, and which ad type performed the  best. 
  • ​What to do next? Strategy: We are not Done yet! With your Final Report you can use it for any future advertisments in the future to continue to be profitable, We also provide you with with suggestions of what what to do next as you continue to grow and scale!

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